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Who’s freaking out a little?

I’m mostly managing to not actually, but tomorrow is a work day and I KNOW everyone’s going to be talking COVID-19 endlessly and I will not be able to not hear them and I already don’t have the energy for it.

I’m doing what I can! I got stocked up with a reasonable amount of groceries to avoid the store for a bit; I’m working out at home instead of the gym; I’m staying out of public spaces as much as possible; I’m washing my hands like a crazy bitch with very dry hands. That’s it, that’s what I can do, please for the love of god can we stop saying the same things over and over all day long?

I know I haven’t posted for a bit. I am doing stuff, but it’s either longer term projects like knitting another sweater (I assume no one wants constant progress shots of that?), secret things that are a surprise for my mom who does occasionally read this, or a year-long stitch along.

So whatever, you’re getting a couple of progress shots and then hopefully a few little cartoons soon.

Stitch along! The pattern is by Peppermint Purple and it’s free on Facebook. I’m particularly fond of how much this week’s box looks like a stack of owls.
Guys. GUYS. GUYS. You’re only seeing half of this complicated fucker because I might have just realized that, in spite of checking 5 times that it was lying flat, I somehow put a twist in the other side. I am NOT frogging everything below the armscye.
SO. The shoulder is attached via pick up and knit. If I can detach it, spin it, and reattach it I can continue. CAN I DO THAT SOMEHOW PLEASE.

It’s so nice of the universe/past me to give me something else to freak out about.

ETA: the sweater is fixed! I winkled out the end, unwove the pick up and knit row, flipped it and sewed it back on. It’s a tiny bit less pretty than the other side, but barely, and I’m planning to do the bindings in a contrast yarn, so if it bothers me I could add a little shoulder bar or something.

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