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Coloring pages and a new skill acquired!


I know a lot of these are intricate as hell – at least the matryoshkas might be a little less insane to color?clockwork

Of course, if insanity is your jam, here, have a TON OF FUCKING TINY GEARS.  I did not count how many I drew, but if anyone is that style of person and wants to let me know, I’m curious (but not curious enough to count them myself).

I’ve been scared of knitting in the round on double pointed needles for a while – on my last two projects with sleeves I used a long circular needle and just pulled the excess cable through every so often.  My fear was less that it would be too hard to learn and more that: a.  the needles would slip out of the loops easily (nope), b. it would be super fiddly and irritating with all those needles everywhere (lil bit, but not too bad – less so than cabling) and c. my general love of flinging a half worked piece into a purse or bag would go very, very poorly with dpns (true-ish?  Not really an issue since I’m not lugging things back and forth to work right now, and if I could actually keep track of the ton of silicone needle caps I have here and there I could always use them).

So Magical Sparkle Muffin, who has generally been my guide through the world of self-taught left handed knitters, sent encouragement and a link to a free pattern for preemie baby hats to learn on, and I did the thing.

I don’t think I can donate this one because I used #7 needles instead of the #4-5s the pattern called for and a lighter weight yarn, so it’s a little on the lacy side.  I’ve read a lot of advice here and there not to make anything lacy for baby gifts since they can get their tiny fingers stuck, and that’s surely an even bigger concern for preemies, so creepy doll has a new hat.  Once I get some more sizes of dpns I’ll totally do a bunch to donate, though.

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