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I STARTED A PROJECT. Also, coloring pages.

Y’all like cats, right?  You’re here on the internet, you’re specifically here on a cartoon owl blog, Imma assume you like cats.  Here, colour some cats.desertcat2desertcat3desertcat1

So it’s been a weird sad week for additional reasons I don’t want to go into right now, but I did start a new piece of embroidery, partially to keep me thinking about something ELSE.  You’ll recognize this, I re-shared the black and white not too long ago or maybe months ago, who can tell now.

Photo Apr 28, 11 42 41 AM

Her face looks better in person, I swear – the hyper focus of a good camera phone is not kind to satin stitching.  So I printed the line drawing on fabric and then painted in some areas with watercolor markers – those are the areas where the stitching will be either blackwork or, as you can see in the water, open rows of stitching.  This whole thing is only about 8×10, so that text is VERY SMALL and I am not looking forward to sewing it.  I’ll definitely need something thinner than floss.  Eek.


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