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Moar lace!!!! Alllll the lace!

Just one more piece really. But I am having thought about future gifts and several other cool shapes I could do.

But first, kitty!

I really need to get a photo up against a window or something, she’s so pretty with light behind her. I’ll put the couple of progress shots up on my Facebook page so I don’t eat up all my storage over here.

So the blouse I’m putting her on just came in the mail (thanks Old Navy sales) and I have PLANS. It’s a simple boxy white not-quite-eyelet button down with kind of rolled up short sleeves. I might throw a few pintucks in at the waist or I might not, not sure yet. What I AM doing is taking the collar off and using it as a pattern to replace it with a black lace Peter Pan style. And since I’m this far in, I’m going to nail polish black paw prints on some little shanked white buttons and replace those too.

So wheeee the project has grown, I’ll throw up a picture when the whole thing is put together!

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