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Remember the weekly thingy? Me neither mostly but let’s try it again now that I’m producing more.

This is going to be a long one, buckle up.  First things first, if you haven’t checked out the Alleyman’s Tarot, please do!  It’s a really cool project and the Kickstarter has been blowing up, let’s overwhelm the creator but in a good grocery buying way!

Related – should I do a second printing of the Neurotic Owl Tarot?  I had absolutely no plans to at all.  I am sold out as of yesterday’s trip to the post office and not having a bunch of stock sitting around my apartment is kind of a win.  Buuuuuut I sure do hate telling people no, you may not give me money for this thing you sincerely want.  That just makes both of us sad.

Here’s the thing – it would have to be a Kickstarter presale again for sure.  Printing costs and shipping have both gone up some in the intervening years, but I don’t want to raise the deck price.  The company I printed with the first time doesn’t actually have a minimum order – I could absolutely order a single deck as needed – but they have price breaks for quantity and the cost of a single deck would not work for resale.  So to get to the price break where $30 still works per deck, I’d need to order 50.  If I presold 25 and didn’t keep any money from said presale, I could do that.  No boxes at that point – just a shrink wrapped deck.  If I presold a few more but still only ordered the 50 or so I could afford to throw in a velvet pouch, I found them in bulk at a good price.  If I got to the next price break at 100 (so at least 50 presold) then I might be able to do custom printed boxes?  I have to math that out, it gets complicated between the quantity discounts on the decks and the boxes.  So right now the question is would I even sell that necessary first 25, and would people be disappointed not to get a box or pouch or whatever if that’s where it stops.

I learned some things from the last round – no promising handmade pouches or hand decorated boxes, that gets out of hand FAST.  If I feel like I need a lil reward to throw in it’s going to be something low cost and low effort, like an original cartoon (I have a bin full of all the ATCs I’ve done and don’t really need to keep them), or a bead/trinket/tiny toy from my weird magpie stash of stuff.

Sooooo got some thinking to do about whether this is worthwhile and if it’s likely to work.  Sound off here or on the facebook page if you’re interested, it would help to know.  I don’t think I should start it till after the Alleyman’s campaign ends, I don’t want to be competing with Seven when they’re being so great to all the artist contributors.

IN OTHER NEWS, remember that lace kitty?  I have finished the collar and blouse and hand painted pawprint buttons and now I just need an excuse to wear it!!!!!!  You’re getting the picture with my mess cropped out, but there are a bunch of process pics and shameful apartment on view in the Lace album on the Facebook page.  One of these days I will have to pay more to upgrade the storage here, but I’m delaying as long as possible.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I finished that blouse!  And look, when I get an idea for a clothing item to make myself half the time it comes out cute and half the time it’s never ever worn again because oops, misjudged what I’d like on me.  So yay this one will be worn!

One comment on “Remember the weekly thingy? Me neither mostly but let’s try it again now that I’m producing more.

  1. Lisa B.
    April 19, 2021

    So. CUTE.
    Love this, lady.

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