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Weekly thingy and Judgement/Snow White

Another week, another fairy tale to recap. Imma trust that y’all know the basics from Disney or whatnot and just hit a few key differences.

The evil queen makes three separate murder attempts – first a poisoned corset lace, then a poisoned comb, and THEN the apple. The dwarves manage to remove the other two items from Snow and remind her to quit taking shit from strangers but good lord does she not know how to say no. Anyway, since the apple is in her cute little throat they can’t figure out what got her the third time and go ahead and make the gold and crystal coffin.

So THEN the prince finds said coffin, gets the whole story from the dwarves, and instead of just kissing a dead girl like a gd freak, he asks the dwarves if he can take her back to the palace to be buried as befits a princess. Luckily on the way the coffin falls off the horse/cart/whatnot and the jolt magically Heimlichs Snow, who wakes up, falls in love with the prince at first sight, and has a nice consensual kiss with him before they head back to his place to get married. It’s a huge improvement over Sleeping Beauty, where the prince rapes Briar Rose in her sleep and she’s woken by their TWIN BABIES NURSING. Seriously. Comparatively Snow White is exceedingly wholesome aside from all the attempted murder and alllllllso the ending, where the Evil Queen is made to dance at Snow’s wedding in red hot iron shoes. Fairytales!

Anyway. The description of a girl with skin as white as snow, hair as black as coal, and lips as red as blood is either poetic exaggeration, a vampire, orrrrrrr . . . one of these days I’m doing another Snow White drawing where she’s a geisha. I thought about it this time, but so far I’ve stuck with generally western clothes on purpose, because I didn’t want to exoticize my BIPOC by only putting them in folkwear, OR do the calculus of how many are in regional dress, how many are in more generic fashion, am I balanced enough. And yeah, ‘generic’ dress is kind of a fiction anyhow, because what’s standard in 18th century France is exotic in 18th century Japan, there is no such thing as ‘regular’ clothing, just what’s normal or unusual for any given time and place. But for this I’m pretty much setting the continent of Europe as my place (an extremely non-specific choice, I know) both to keep some stylistic consistency and because the vast majority of my fairytale knowledge is European.

Anyway. Onwards and forwards and who’s almost done with the major arcana? This girl!


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • UPS came and picked up the 88 lb package that has been NOTHING BUT TROUBLE in my life and you do not want to hear the whole story of this nightmare purchase, just know that it’s fucking over now pending refund,

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