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Weekly thingy and The World/Mother Holle

There should be an umlaut over the o there, but it appears that I don’t know how to do that in WordPress and I’m too lazy to try copy and pasting from a Word doc.

Aaaand we’re back to a lesser known story, huzzah! There are multiple versions of this one – one of them involves the sisters who get rewarded with roses and jewels dropping from their lips/punished with frogs and snakes ditto, which I think I’ve mentioned before. But here’s a link to the one I leaned into:

This seemed great for The World, a card that I knew was coming and definitely wasn’t sure about a plan for for most of this process. I had pretty much settled on Mother Holle a few weeks back, but I wasn’t totally sure what scene or how to handle it visually within the constraints of a very vertical card (something that also gave me real trouble on Judgement).

I desperately wanted to work in shaking the pillows till feathers flew in Holle’s world, making the snow fall in ours, and the girl being sent home covered in gold seemed like a good triumphant note for a pretty positive card. I did sacrifice having the spindle in her hand for that pillow – we’ll just assume that Holle is about to make the swap before the girl walks entirely through the gate. And Mother Holle definitely got a little Ghibli-esque somewhere in there, but I’m not mad at that.

So now I’m headed into the minor arcana. I would say that these will go faster, since I’m less bound to complicated meanings and symbols and more to general ones and working in the wands/coins/etc., but also I’m back to work fulltime now sooooo we’ll see how steady I stay at this. Three day weekends all year have not enriched my pocketbook, but they’ve definitely been great for everything else.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • UPS came and picked up the 88 lb package that has been NOTHING BUT TROUBLE in my life and you do not want to hear the whole story of this nightmare purchase, just know that it’s fucking over now pending refund,

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