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Wheeeeeeeeee it’s been a while.

I knew I’d been bad about posting but wow did I let things slide. Although it’s not like anyone’s waiting with bated breath for the next painting, but oof, nearly two months is quite the unannounced hiatus.

Between work and being overwhelmed with all the life stuff work forced me to put off it’s been hard to have energy for creative stuff. I actually had this painted and ready about a week and a half ago and it still took me till today to actually scan it and get it cleaned up. I’m pretty excited about the next card, though, so hopefully I’ll be getting back to a more regular schedule. The queen of cups is going back to the Goblin Market, and I looooove hanging out there.

Anyhow. Today’s card is based around the ending of ‘Soria Moria Castle’, and I’m not going to do a full recap because it is looooong, but it’s got elements of ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’, ‘The Girl Who was a Fish’, and a lot of other Nordic fairytales. In particular, there’s a repetition of events that you see a lot – the main character repeats the same action three times, going to three different castles with a beautiful princess held captive, slaying the monster, then on to the next castle to save her sister. Once all three are saved he gets to pick a wife, and naturally the youngest is also the most beautiful, so her. He takes the ladies home to meet his family, fucks up big time, they all disappear back to Soria Moria Castle, and he has to quest to win his way back.

The finale is him turning up as the youngest princess is about to marry some other dude and sending a page with the ring she gave him in a cup to let her know he’s there. She picks him after all, too bad for the other random guy, but he finished the quest and that’s how these things go.

So basically I’ve drawn a card where the title character isn’t actually on the card, because that’s the kind of unpredictable flibbertigibbet I am.

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