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Weekly-ish thingy and the Two of Swords/East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Back to this story again! It took a little bit longer to work out exactly how I wanted to show the girl in bed waiting for the bear/prince to join her without it looking threatening. If you’re not familiar, this part of the story is very Psyche and Eros – she has to share a bed with him every night in a totally dark room, and he turns into a human at night, then back to a bear in the morning, so she can feel the human next to her but never see him (the story keeps them sharing a bed pretty chaste, they really do just sleep next to each other). Eventually of course she just has to look, her seeing him as a prince activates the next part of the curse, and he gets dragged away to a different castle where she’ll eventually have to save him from the troll queen with ingenuity and housewifely skills.

So anyhow, I decided her having her eyes shut while the candle was still lit and he hasn’t turned yet was the right act of faith for this card, plus I will take any chance to draw a polar bear holding a candle snuffer in its mouth.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me ENRAGED this week:

Happy just doesn’t feel appropriate right now does it? I’m not going to dump a bunch of news on you here, you know what’s going on, just please donate to abortion funds if you can, lobby your local lawmakers for gun control (especially if you’re not in goddamn Texas like me and it has any chance of success), and if you are in Texas SUPPORT BETO for fuck’s sake, we need him so badly. Vote blue obviously but we’ve got to live till November for that to even change anything.

Sorry, it’s not a great week for me being positive and affirming.

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