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Weekly thingy and the Three of Swords/Koschei’s Heart

MAGICAL TURDUCKEN TIME!!!!!!!!!! I talked about Koschei a while ago so just a quick reminder – his heart/life/soul is hidden on an island, buried under a tree, in a box, in a hare, in a duck, in an egg (sometimes also in a needle inside the egg but I like the egg visually so meh). So if you dig up the box you have to unlock it, then the hare runs off and you have to catch it, then the duck flies away and you have to snag that too. If Koschei were around now he would definitely be a double mask and goggles kind of dude.

This is pretty definitely where that TERF writer got the idea for Horcruxes, btw.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me a little bit happy-ish this week:

Still mad, not changing any time soon. I did start checking out Y: the Last Man on Hulu because I remember hearing a trusted reviewer say that it was not, in fact, TERF nonsense as more or less any ‘all of one gender are suddenly wiped from the Earth’ story promises to be and you know what? It’s NOT. Like they make it super clear very early that the title is not the truth of what happened, and they lean back into that constantly. There’s a trans masc main character and a lot of others scattered throughout! The president specifically says there are lots of men left, just not ones with a Y chromosome! A scientist has a rant (that manages to work in the story, not just as an infodump) about how many women who didn’t even know they had Y chromosomes because of androgen insensitivity died and how everyone is ignoring them! Like they could not be ANY clearer that chromosomes are not gender or even really sex and it’s GREAT.

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