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Someone bring me the crazy glue and some tamago, stat!

Sorry about the late post, but it’s been a busy day.  Luckily, I have the perfect owl:


Also, I should occasionally be slightly more of a whiny jerk about food.  One person in our group refused to go to any of the very highly rated Japanese restaurants near us because, “I don’t eat raw things!”, in spite of the fact that there are always plenty of cooked options at Japanese restaurants, and also, act like a grownup.  I should mention that the other five people all wanted Japanese.

Instead, we went for Mexican, which I’m not really a big fan of, since I don’t do tomatoes, onions, or spicy, and I had a delightful time figuring out what to order, then picking at it because it turned out to be surprisingly spicy and full of onions.  Of the six people eating, three of us weren’t able to handle spicy food, and five really wanted sushi, but we all gave in because ugh.

Before you say it, I know my aversion to onions and tomatoes could also be called childish — the point is that I don’t kick up a fuss when people want Mexican or Italian.  I deal and go wherever the bulk of the group wants, because I’m either polite or a huge pushover.  Then I come home and rant about it on my blog because I’m kind of a dick and now I want sushi.

Also, my tummy feels rumbly from the onions.



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