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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

In which I show you around my apartment – at least, the non-messy bits. Basically walls. Woo, exciting!

Like any virtual apartment tour, I’ve done some judicious cropping to hide what needs hiding.  I’ve always wanted one of those homes where you walk in and instantly want to explore and play with stuff and find out stories, and if you know me in real life, you totally can.  The rest of you will have to see with your eyes.  As always, click to embiggen.  I’m going to try to give credit for the various art pieces insofar as I can.


The wall behind my computer.  Calendar by Mucha, the Doctor Who assemblage includes a print from Bill Mudron and bits and pieces picked up gradually, so I’m not sure whose they are.  The little card under Will and the gorgeous redhead are both by Renae Taylor and the little mouse-girl Borrower is mine.


I found this little case at a thrift store, so now it holds my Kokeshi dolls, various faeries, some Big Damn Heroes, Jack Skellington, an owl-themed tea set, Beauty and the Beast, and Princess Leia, whom I’ve just now realized is passed out on top of an Ewok on the bottom shelf.  Go home, Leia, you’re drunk.


The lovely Kitsune print is completely unsigned and unmarked, so no credit for you, awesome artist I bought it from for $5 at Dragoncon.  Sign your shit!  (JK, I suck at signing things.)  Other than that, Amy Brown cards, prom picture, 2 tallis bags, Fraggles, Wheelchair Becky, Tiny Rogue, Hannukah candles, random stuff, and booooooooks.


Unfinished dollhouse from a really cheap and delightful kit, awesome Korean cups, and a Kronos robot my dad made me as a reminder of a terrible, terrible movie.


MOAR BOOKS, plushie Bilbo, the rest of those cups, tiny wooden furniture, and the Rackham-inspired cup I painted at a friend’s birthday.


You’ve seen most of those masks, and the giant doll.  Also, there’s some other stuff.


Better view of the Mucha calendar my mom got me, plus a bonus Dalek and some dolls.  And a chip clip for some reason.


Tiffany poster, assorted bits and bobs, and the beautiful awesome super lovely pastel my mom did of Charlie when he stayed at her house two summers ago.  I used to have a smaller print of it hanging there, but then she gave me the original and I haven’t moved the hook yet, which is why it’s hanging a little awkwardly over the shelf.  She paints all sorts of things.  Many of them are here.

OK, that’s all I have the energy for, and probably more than you do.  Most boring post ever?

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