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Which is nice for him, I’m sure, since I’m currently overcommitted as usual and feeling sliiiightly hysterical.  Excuse me, I may be retreating back to the blanket fort.  It’s going to be a blanket fort-y kind of a month, in fact.  I take no responsibility for anything I say or draw till mid-August.

BTW, does anyone know what name Bastian actually yells for the childlike Empress?  I imagine I could use Google-fu, but that smacks of effort.  I don’t have any internets left to award the answerer, but you could always get a neck-crushing hug from Charlie.charliehug

“Revenge!  I shall kill you with snuggles!”

Yeah, like that.


  1. ccoshow
    July 9, 2013

    “Moon Child.” According to my own Internet search. I had always thought he just yelled something random. On “Robot Chicken,” the spoof sketch they did had Bastian yelling, “Ooo-rah-mah-fah-sah-oh-loo-dah!” Or something like that. And WHAT is up with the universe dangling “Never-ending Story” under my nose not once, but TWICE this past week?!? Bizarre.

    • naralesser
      July 9, 2013

      Huh. Weird, I thought he was going to give her his mother’s name?

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