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Happy Saturday! I’m back, and I brought some cartoons.

The truth is, I could have posted last night, but it was my first night off in a while and I was busy happily doing shit all.  I’m missing a really cool sci-fi con this weekend which I could technically go to, but again I shall choose shit all.  Actually, I’ll be doing laundry and cleaning my apartment and buying groceries and getting some kind of lunches prepped for next week and getting my ass to bed early enough tomorrow to be back at the opera at 7:00 am to work on Aida.  Damn Egyptians won’t leave me alone.

Anyway, new mini-project!  I will be adding to it with far less regularity than the Owlphabet, but a counting book is a nice open-ended thing, since I can cut it off at any good round number or just keep going indefinitely.  Screw you, 26 letter alphabet!  (I don’t mean that.  I love you, alphabet.  You make all my favourite words.)


And then the Dalek developed feelings and the overwhelming urge to make a mix tape and decoupage the box.  mpono1

They were supposed to be playing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock, but it looks more like the fluffiest and least threatening gang EVER.

More eventually!

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