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Shakespeare: now with more waders.


In exceedingly related news, I’m meeting friends tonight to watch As You Like It and picnic on the hill.  Of course, we would never do something as silly as an Elizabethan design, so this production is set in Louisiana, in the Mardi Gras court and de bayou of Ardennes, cher.

Urk.  Sorry.

Anyway, that’s why two lucky actors get to wear rubber boot-pants up to their nipples at an outdoor festival in Texas, in August.  We are the nicest costumers ever.

That’s also what led to the quote, “That’s what friends do.  Put on rubber pants and go to rapetown.”  Before you freak out, the actor in the rubber pants was offering to go shopping with the design assistant at a nearby store to help protect her from the ‘dudes who hang around outside looking kind of rapey’.  See?  Don’t you feel better now?


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