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Saturday! In which I say some stuff about a book.

So, I was going to show you these really cute plus-size pinup paper dolls I’m working on, but I’m liking them enough that I’m going to submit them to a magazine that’s published two of my sets in the past, which means that I won’t be able to share them here till after they’re either rejected or printed — which could take up to a year, so don’t hold your breath.

So then, I was going to show you photos of some of the things I made for the Shakespeare Festival this summer, but I can’t find my camera.  Eep.

So (last ‘so’, I swear), here’s a book I read (technically listened to) last week.  8667848If you thought that the ‘Twilight’ books sounded good at first and then were let down by the shitty writing and horrifying gender politics, READ THIS.  I am late to this party, but I mentioned to someone that I was listening to it and how much I loved it, and she said, ‘Ooh!  Sounds like Twilight!’, and then my eyeballs melted, and then I spent the next hour thinking about all the reasons it isn’t.

1. Diana, the heroine, is NOT a Mary Sue.  She’s not the most stunning woman in the world, but she’s also not convinced she’s hideous; her being really powerful in a limited way is set up from the beginning, not dropped in randomly because the heroine must be the best at everything.  She’s not clumsy; actually, she’s quite sporty — rowing, running, yoga — and she’s better at some things than others.  You know, like a human.

2. Matthew, the vampire, is not a creepy stalker,  nor is he trying to pick up a high school girl.  While she’s younger (because of course she is.  Vampire.), Diana is an adult woman who’s already been sexually active, has a respectable career, has her own power in the relationship.  Also, her being a witch helps with the power balance quite a bit.

3. Attitudes towards sex: SPOILER!  Highlight to read.  While the couple makes it all the way through this book without actual p in v consummation, it’s not because they have to preserve her virginity (since she doesn’t have any), and they do other fun sexy stuff.  You know, foreplay.  Remember that stuff? 

4. The WRITING.  It’s a gripping read.  Great story, great mystery, genuinely scary bits, parts where I had to pull over to cry — it’s a good damn book.  I was only sorry that I didn’t have the next one on hand when I finished.

Read it!  Read it nooooooow!


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