Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Please don’t steal shoes from dead witches, because then someone will have to steal your shoes off your body three times, and that seems challenging.


Seriously, who could resist sparkly red shoes, right?  Even off a corpse?  OK, most people, probably.

It’s a shame my scanner doesn’t really pick up glitter.  I didn’t even try this time — I’m glittering the original for my own satisfaction, but y’all will just have to add imaginary glitter in your minds, and then you’ll have little bits of glitter is your heads all day because that is how glitter works.  images

By the way, calendar season is pretty well over probably, but you can still buy lurvely posters of The Neurotic Owlphabet at my Redbubble store, or individual letters as cards, if you discriminate against some of the letters and love others, plus lots of other silliness.  Amuse and then depress your friends and family!  Great for birthdays and bar mitzvahs, probably!

PS – I really wanted to tag this one cannibalism, but that’s not what Dorothy does (that we know of), and I didn’t feel like setting up a grave-robbing tag just for today.  Anyway, she’s not in a grave, so really it’s just corpse-robbing.

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