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Hello again!

I know, I know, no post Friday and very late post today.  If I had more than five readers, I imagine I’d have heard about that.  The truth is, I’m just coming off of crazy stressful long work weeks plus the joy that is meralgia parasthetica (apparently), and I’ve spent the last three days mostly hanging out on my bed, reading/watching TV/painting (watercolour, I swear)/resting my leg/photographing my cat.  It’s strangely addictive not turning on the computer.  (The iPod, though, I’ve been on lots, before you ask how I uploaded those cat pictures to Facebook, as I obviously did.)  Anyway, this:no291

Clearly has nothing to do with the TOTALLY RATIONAL number of kitty photos I take and then inflict on my friends.charliefb1 charliefb3 charliefb2charlie2 charlie1unicat404913_2269637638972_784204820_ncharliehugcharliefootpompomscharliecharlietophat charliewaldo cattsmithcharliesqhishedI might have a problem.

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