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Hello again! Did you miss me?


Hi everybody!  (Hi, Doctor Nick!)  I’m sure you didn’t notice my spotty attendance recently, but it was, and I was, and my excuse is not an excuse really.  I was keeping up pretty well while I was super overloaded with a second job, but as soon as I got a break from it, I just sort of collapsed and failed to do things.  I had cartoons on hand waiting to be scanned, I just couldn’t be arsed.

Anyway, in the continuing list of things I said I’d marry (see recent)pj5, there must, naturally, be cheese, and Food Truck Hedgehog seemed like the natural suitor.  In case you’re wondering why he’s so much more heavily drawn, I didn’t have my usual drawing pen on my and used a purple fine line Sharpie, and then turned it black in Photoshop for consistency’s sake, so there’s that.  If anyone rich ever want to surprise me with a giant case of Pilot Precise V5 pens, please feel free.  I love those damn pens.  I would totally marry those pens.

Oh, hey, cartoon idea!

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