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We went to the zoo.


This one’s either super cute or super offensive, so we’ll see what the greater voice of the internets has to say.  Or we would, if more than three people ever COMMENTED.  (It’s ok, I know you guys don’t feel like registering with WordPress, and I tend to hear from you on Facebook.  Guilt trip over.)

Anyway, sorry about the wobbly O, but I did draw this on my lap at the zoo, possibly while laughing or mildly heatsick or both, so you get what you get.

Also, ZOO!  We saw clouded leopard kittens and red pandas being trained and a baby buny, just sort of randomly, and a bear asleep with its ass in the moat because bears do not love Houston weather.  I sympathize, bears.

2 comments on “We went to the zoo.

  1. Leigh
    October 7, 2014

    I love Red Panda. Does that make me a Communist?

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