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Tarot! And a sukkah! Four of wands.


Because I’m sorry, that is clearly a sukkah, with or without walls.  Which is fine — lots of cultures have a similar sort of harvest festival, so I’m not feeling like this is to appropriationist.  Which I know is weird to worry about since I am, in fact Jewish, but this project is non-religious.  Speaking of Jewy things, though, I got on a little creative roll last night, and if I ever finish these twelve thousand cards, I may take a short break from critter cartoons to draw Disney-fied Jewish heroines.  Miriam and the well!  Vashti refusing to dance naked!  Lilith being all Lilith-y!  Judith dressed like a period hooker and holding up Holofernes’ bloody head!  You know, like Disney would do.  I’m not drawing Sarah, though, because she was frankly pretty awful.

2 comments on “Tarot! And a sukkah! Four of wands.

  1. SaraN
    March 5, 2015

    Let us not malign the princess namesake of my grandmother and myself – her husband kept giving her to other men and moving the family around – she should be somewhat cranky – at least she also knew how to laugh!

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