Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

This Tarot has gotten very shelter-centric all of a sudden. Five of wands.

wands5 I will hopefully finish wands this weekend and start Pentacles (which will be hilarious, because I’m terrible at drawing nice even five pointed stars), in which case I’ll start showing y’all more than one at a time.  Of course, I also need to make and freeze a quiche this weekend in preparation for Pi Day, list a bunch of old stock I want to get rid of for cheap on Etsy, go to the ballet with my mom, go to the Browncoat shindig, go to the gym, and get my oil changed.  Le sigh.charliesqhished

“So, no time for me then.  Bitch.”  – Lord Charlie Clingerton of Cuddlevania


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