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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

It’s Monday, and I had a busy weekend, so this is going to be super random.

I worked all day Saturday, got together with friends Friday night, and then got together with them again Sunday for most of the day to work on Comicpalooza costumes and eat various things, most of them donut-shaped.

I learned to use a curling iron like a grown up lady!  Thanks V!

(Pinup Wonder Woman wig & makeup test for Sunday.  I think I need to get a darker brow powder and get bolder with the gold eyeshadow, since my lids & creases are nearly invisible with my eyes open.)

Also, this next thing is all S’s fault.  She’s the one who told me there’s an app called Cat Bomb, and HOW COULD I NOT?

(Earlier wig test, obviously needing work.)

I’m going to add cats to SO MANY photos of J.

Happy Monday!

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