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And now we break for chubby Jewish Wonder Woman.

IMG_1094%20ed_zpshjwyovk0Photo by Mari Ferguson

And a table full of shinies.

Remember a long time ago, when I started the whole Wonder Woman plan?  Probably not, especially if you’re new here, but basically, I got tired of planning my costumes around my body.  I have a tendency to only wear cosplay that can center around a corset and full skirt because that’s what I felt like my bod looked acceptable in, because it hid my squishy middle and huge hips and focused attention towards my spathic-ity.

And it’s fine to want things to be flattering, but I was hiding.  So I decided to say fuck it and dress up as Wonder Woman, which I haven’t dared do since I outgrew the Undaroos.  My rules for myself were that I could do shorts or a skirt, since tiny trunks felt like a bridge too far, especially when I’d be traipsing through a hotel/mall/whatever.  I could have straps, because when I first planned this I was a 40FF, and hahahaha strapless my ass.  I could NOT make a bodice — the bustier I ended up with has about as much hold as your average good swimsuit, not as much as Spanx.  If the point was to embrace my body, I needed to let it hang out.

The first year was ok?  I didn’t have the right fabric for the tap pants, so they stuck out oddly, and I couldn’t decide whether I was classic WW or pinup style, so it was a wishy-washy in between that didn’t work, but that I still felt pretty great in.

This year I went full-on 1950’s pinup style, and I felt FABULOUS.

The wig needs major reworking, but still.  Mind you, I’m not magically fixed — when I looked at that pic on my phone all I could see were big fat arms and chubby belly and round face and and and and (and did I mention dat wig?)

IMG_1171%20ed_zpscr3ira9jPhoto by Mari Ferguson

I 86’d the wig partway through the day, which is a shame, since I got dragooned into the costume contest and I had limp white-streaked post-wig hair.  Still, felt pretty  good about myself even next to that skinny little clone there.

IMG_1288%20ed_zpsjl8m1o7g IMG_1301%20ed_zpsv2ld1zvcPhotos by Mari Ferguson

And then I look at these from the contest, and I don’t freak out about my body AT ALL.  I just think, “Who is that sassy bitch?”

I need to think that more often.  Still, my body love report card gets a nice big shows improvement.  Yay!

3 comments on “And now we break for chubby Jewish Wonder Woman.

  1. Brilliant 😀 You’re a fantastic Wonder Woman 😀 I love your costume 😀 Awesome 🙂 It all looks so fun.

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