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hannahszenescolor Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, so it’s surprisingly timely that I was planning to post Hannah Szenes (sometimes spelled Senesh) today.  Hannah was a Hungarian born Jew from an assimilated family; she moved to Israel as a young adult, joined a kibbutz, and wrote poems and plays.

In 1943, she joined the British Army and volunteered to parachute into Nazi-controlled Hungary to aid resistance fighters.  She was captured , tortured, and eventually killed by the Nazis.

This was written while she was in jail, facing her imminent execution:

‘One – two – three. . . eight feet long

Two strides across, the rest is dark. . .

Life is a fleeting question mark

One – two – three. . . maybe another week.

Or the next month may still find me here,

But death, I feel is very near.

I could have been 23 next July

I gambled on what mattered most, the dice were cast. I lost.’


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