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Look, a fairytale everyone probably knows!


Also, it’s COLD here in Houston and I actually feel like I could go outside right now and walk through a snowy wood (Lies, all lies.) and I LOVE it.  I like hat and scarf and snuggly sweater weather, I like cocoa and popcorn weather, and I don’t know how to drive in snow, but I would be willing to learn.  I do know how to get down unshoveled icy steps to the Greenspoint subway station (carefully, with a padded tushy), but that knowledge is of no use to me at the moment.  Will tonight be the one night of the year I actually turn on my heat?  Not yet, but stay tuned!



Places to buy stuff!

  • TEEPUBLIC: mostly t-shirts, a few other products.  Watch for sales, when shirts drop from $20 to $14!
  • REDBUBBLE: Just, I don’t know, a ton of different stuff.  T-shirts are more expensive than Teepublic, but there are a lot more options.
  • AMAZON: Home of the Geeky Gals Coloring Book!
  • ETSY: beaded jewelry, bags of creepy tiny dolls, and The Neurotic Owl Tarot

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.

booktopedgeThings that kind of sucked but also have a little bit of a bright side, I guess?:

  •  The world’s still a shitshow right now, but my friends keep finding ways to fight.  For instance (copied from L):*CALLING ALL TRANS ADVOCATES*

    Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s office is currently taking a tally of public opinion about SB6, a bill designed to discriminate against transgender people.

    Due to the high volume of calls they are not taking names or zips codes, just your opinion.

    I just called. Will you please take a moment to call as well and say you OPPOSE SB6?


    Call RIGHT NOW.

    This bill will legalize discrimination against trans people. And if we don’t speak up for trans people, how long will it be before legislation targets other minority groups?

    I just called and left a quick voicemail, you can too.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • Mooch, as usual.  Also playing with dolls and crocheting.  But mostly, GOING TO A BRIDAL EXTRAVAGANZA TOMORROW TO HELP WEDDING UP MAH PALS AND ALSO GENERALLY LOOK AT SHINY THINGS!  Remember, friends, getting married isn’t just awesome for you, it’s awesome for the many friends who now have something to look forward to and plan for all year.  Also, I am terrifying bridesmaid who will murder anyone who interferes with my special sparkle muffins’ happy day: ack3

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