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And then I made a lot of you feel bad, even though that’s not the point.


Posted this on Facebook the other day (my personal one, not the Neurotic Owl page), and given the level of response, thought I’d restate it here.  There’s been a lot of ridiculousness going around for many a year about how very persecuted Christians are in America, and I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one.

For Christians who don’t think they have special privileges in this country:
When you were a child, did you have time off school for your major religious holidays? Without making special arrangements or needing to make up missed work?
Do you generally expect to have those holidays off from work now? (Unless you work in a specific field that precludes that.)
Does your church need security staff? On the big holidays, do you have to show ID and have your bag searched to get in to your house of worship?
Does everyone assume you’re a different religion until told otherwise? Has anyone ever said that you don’t look Christian?
Can you reasonably be concerned that wearing a symbol of your religion will cause you to be attacked? Will putting up Christmas lights make your home a target?
Has there ever been a non-Christian president elected in the US? Could there be? Would they be able to opt out of the tree lighting and Easter egg roll without controversy?


And, as a friend added, has your community center (hotbed of such radical activities as ballet lessons and soccer camp) had multiple bomb threats in the past month?  Has your graveyard been defaced recently?

This is not me fishing for apologies or ‘that’s so terrible!’ or any sort of sympathy.  This is just me pointing out some of the things you don’t notice if you’ve always lived in a place where you are the religion with the power.



2 comments on “And then I made a lot of you feel bad, even though that’s not the point.

  1. nb
    March 15, 2017

    Amen, sister! Preach on!! I’m behind you 100%

  2. Marty
    March 17, 2017

    You’ve summed things up perfectly! We’ve had threats phoned into our “J” recently. Fortunately, they’ve been hoaxes. Still unnerving.

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