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A little bit easy, a little bit hard.


Drawing artists is great, because it gives me an automatic background plan – incorporate their art.  Drawing artists is hard because I have to work in someone else’s style, and make decisions about what to incorporate and how.  I don’t want to just recreate one of their pieces — I’ll never get it exactly right, and it would feel more like plagiarism than an homage.  In Mine’s case, because her work was so autobiographical, I felt good about pulling elements from different drawings and compiling them around her.

When people go on and on about the good old days of ‘Merica, they probably aren’t thinking about internment camps, or segregation, or lynchings, or any of the terrible things that this country is responsible for and that assholes who just want Donna Reed to make them meatloaf choose to forget.  Those people can bite me.  We won’t forget, and we won’t go back, and we won’t let Muslims be the next group to be victimized en masse.  Will we?

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