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Want to see a thing?

I’m going to assume you do or you wouldn’t be here.  Hello, my fluffy chocolate dipped boiled puddings!  So I am NOT GREAT at hairstyling, and I keep meaning to take a class for that but life is busy and so am I.  Still, after a few false starts and many curses, I am reasonably pleased with the wig for my map dress costume.

Bonus cat for scale or possibly to prove why I can’t have nice things.  I thiiiiiink the shell shaped lights might be a bridge too far, but they were on clearance, how could I resist?  Anyway, it’s too damn late now.  I had hoped to make the ship removable so I could drive in the damn thing, but it just isn’t working out, so I will be donning my wig in the parking garage like all the classy bitches do (I feel safe in assuming my car does NOT have enough headroom for this assemblage.)

More soon!

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