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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

In which I am the most organized.

tea party.pngRemember Hurricane Harvey?  (If you said no, hello out of state friend!)  So while I was trapped at home I did a bunch of things along with general freaking out and getting really sick of peanut butter, and getting out the watercolours was one.  “But wait!” you cry, “That was ages ago!  Why haven’t I seen this yet?”  That, my dear sequined baby sloth, is because I promptly lost the damn thing and did not find it again till last week.  “Where was it?????” you demand.  On the FUCKING BOOKSHELF WHERE IT BELONGED BUT I WAS SO SURE IT WAS UNDER A PILE OF STUFF SOMEWHERE STUPID THAT I NEVER LOOKED THERE.  In my slight defense, I left it in the sketchpad when I painted it, so from the outside it looked just like the many other sketchbooks scattered around my bookshelves except I OPENED all the others #!%$Y&I^&*(^(^&#%^#$YH#%&&H%GE!

Anyway.  Look, whimsy!

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