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Ooooold projects.

You guys, I did this thing AGES ago (2000?  Maybe?) while I was interning at the Bay Street Theatre and, not coincidentally, working on Love Janis.  I was staying in dorm housing and didn’t have a car or many supplies with me, so this is based on a few rogue supplies that turned up in my bags (much of it regular sewing thread) and a tiny scrap of muslin the shop was tossing.  The question is, what shall I do to finish it?  I’m kind of thinking a crazy quilt inspired applique around it till it’s big enough to frame; I’ll have to see how many fabulous scraps I have around.  I was originally planning to do way more coat and a bottle of Wild Turkey in her hand, which is why there’s a rogue patch of skin, but I say no to that much turkey stitch.  Thoughts?

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