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So this is done.  i found a great tutorial online that really helped me learn to stretch and back it properly, so thank you, link of which I’ve now lost track!  Sorry, I was totally going to thank you properly, smart framing lady.  For the record, this is not it framed – that navy border is the foamcore frame that’s helping keep it stretched.  I still have to decide if I want a traditional mat or ribbon or something else to finish this, but THE STITCHING, SHE IS DONE.

So.  Moving on.  You guys, do you remember Magical Sparkle Muffin, sometimes known as L?  She of the fun recent wedding and Vermont Country Store slash-fic enabling?  Her family could use a hand if you’ve got one going spare.

Her big sweet landshark of a dog is very, very sick, and no one is sure how it will end right now, but we know it’s already expensive and steadily getting more so.  I think I’ve mentioned Apollo once or twice — I probably described my complete inadequacy at walking 85 pounds of sweet muscular dog who just wants to eat all of the grass and barely knows I’m back there tugging his leash.  I’m not really a dog person except insofar as I’m an ‘anything furry except spiders’ person, and big dogs sometimes make me nervous and also dog licks are way more gross than cat licks, so know that I mean it when I say that Apollo is awesome and his mommy and daddy are awesome.  And look, one of the many recent expenses in their lives was when the universe decided to drop a starving kitten on their doorstep, and they took that kitten in, got it its shots ($$$$), and fattened it up while finding it a home without adding another stray to our overcrowded shelters, so THE UNIVERSE OWES THEM.  The universe is shitty about debts, though, so if you have a dollar or ten or whatever to spare, maybe help the universe out?

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