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And then there was texting.

I actually just started a new cartoon series that I’m pretty excited about, but today is all about no water at my apartment and trying to get my info from one phone to another, so you get texts.

Please note:  I am a bitter, Christmas-hating Jew who wishes people would get over the idea that Christmas is some fun secular occasion that absolutely everybody should be a part of.  I also fucking love terrible Hallmark-style Christmas movies as long as they don’t get particularly religious.  I’m an enigma wrapped in a Rubik’s cube wrapped in chocolate.


Creepy, I know, but without tracking down everybody in the picture for permission this seemed best.  Just me, Jeff Goldblum, and a bunch of redacted people.  678

And that’s where it devolves into a discussion of brisket recipes.  That part’s less entertaining.

One comment on “And then there was texting.

  1. museofmyself
    December 2, 2018

    Well, y’all win the Most Entertaining Texts About the Holidays award! Sorry to hear about your no-water apartment; hopefully it’s fixed by now. For what it’s worth, I’m an atheist, so I’m bitter about every religious holiday. 😉

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