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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Iiiiiiinterstitial comics!

This first one is perhaps mildly repetitive, but can you ever have too many angry drunk Scottish creatures?


I always get frustrated telling the bits in between the big story beats I want to get to faster.  Luckily, a New Year’s Eve D&D party helped get me there.



You don’t need to know the full saga of A’aargh Screamthroat and the actual gamers unlucky enough to get stuck with him.  Just know that when it comes to an RPG, I will always pick staying true to my character over making team progress, so you probably shouldn’t let me be a chaotic neutral barbarian dwarf sailor who’s very strong and charismatic, but not at all intelligent.  If you want to watch me bang two crabs together hoping that will make fire or use a nearly-dead Paladin as a siege weapon, though. . .


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