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Cartoons soon: yarn things now.

I have the next segment sort of, I just need to figure out the joke part.  Until then, a new hobby!

So on the 29th I decided to teach myself to knit.

It was a thing I had been meaning to learn for years and years and years, but I was at a Joann’s and I saw needles and I knew I had a longish drive (in the backseat, I’m not crazy) to a New Year’s party ahead of me, so. . .

So this was swatch 1, which went on for another few rows before I decided to start over with a fancier cast dec 30, 1 49 44 pm

Swatch 2!  In which I attempted seed stitch and ribbing and lost track of which side I was on and eventually realized what I was doing wrong re: purling all jan 05, 11 02 06 am

AND THEN I JUMPED IN WITH BOTH FEET.  Really, the only surprise here is that I even kind of practiced first.

I am definitely learning as I go and doing things potentially backasswards, but I’m pretty pleased with this leaf-edged shawlette fragment.

Photo Jan 09, 8 52 09 PM.jpg

One comment on “Cartoons soon: yarn things now.

  1. mommatrek
    January 11, 2019


    Welcome to the dark side, my friend.

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