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The Emperor/The Snow Queen

I’m not getting this one up on Redbubble or Teepublic yet because none of the ways I’ve tried photographing or scanning have really been sufficient, so I’m going to hold off till I can get a really good reproduction without sacrificing either the darks or the lights. But here’s the best I’ve gotten – it’s almost accurate? really all you lose is some of the snow and skirt texture. I originally pictured them as a really hot drag king but couldn’t quite make that clear while retaining this art style, so I settled on really hot androgynous person. And I knew I either wanted their skin super super pale or super super dark and I’m so glad I went this way. DRAMA and CONTRAST. Also, guess who just now realized she forgot to paint in the toe of the right boot?

The Snow Queen is, I suppose, theoretically the villain of the story. I’m going to switch to she here because I’m talking about Andersen’s story specifically; do go read it if you haven’t, it’ll come up again. So yes, she takes Kay away from Gerda and has him dicking around with icy puzzles in the frozen throne room, but like, look, Kay was kind of a jackass before that shard of glass ever got in his eye. He is not good enough for Gerda, and he never was, and the Snow Queen claiming his bitchy little ass sends Gerda off on a journey of growth and discovery and you know how I love those. I sincerely hope that after she finishes her quest and saves Kay she realizes she’s too awesome for him and heads back to rehabilitate the robber girl instead. They can get a cabin somewhere and raise reindeer and rescue animals together and oops I speak too soon.

ANYWAY. Did you think I’d forget to mention the Alleyman’s Tarot? Hah, fooled you! This thing has gone like gangbusters, and now there are booster packs and a coin and a poker chip and just, like, shinies for your grabby little hands. You should check it out and also thank you to those who have pledged and will be indirectly responsible for my eventual new scanner.

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