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The Chariot/Cinderella (In Which I Miss the Obvious)

Y’all, I spent at least 5 minutes sitting and thinking through stories wondering what on earth could be the chariot AM I DUMB.

Ok, ok, but real quick first, if you like art and tarot and weirdness and whatnot you have two days left to get in on the Alleyman’s Tarot. I do not read tarot; as I think I said back when I started the first deck, I enjoy the cards as art objects and symbolism puzzles, but that means that getting 137 cards by different artists chock full of weird art and puzzling meanings is IDEAL. Also, one of the booster packs Seven has added is going to include a happy squirrel card. A HAPPY SQUIRREL CARD.

So, back to the Chariot. I mean look, it’s a very famous fairytale carriage, how could I not, BUT ALSO she is so victorious in this moment! She is going to the ball, dammit! She is going to have a BLAST and she is all dressed up and feeling fab, and her whole situation is getting ready to be upended. This is a departure from what I’ve been doing in that it’s closer to the modern tellings than the Perrault; among other things, her slippers were originally fur, not glass, and I’m pretty sure fur would be waaaaaay comfier for dancing in. Of course, the older story is where you get the vengeance angle that’s a possibility in the card – when at Cinderella’s wedding the two wicked stepsisters get their eyes plucked out by birds which is definitely exactly the kind of heartwarming scene you totally want at your royal event. Love means ignoring when really fucked up shit happens to your new stepsisters implying that your lovely bride may have some kind of terrifying bird control powers, I guess.

Also, I’m messing with the period by not having her in stockings, but nobody wants to see stocking toes squished into glass slippers, and also whatever, she’s sitting on a giant pumpkin phaeton harnessed to mice. Come at me, authenticity snobs.

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