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I’m the king of the barn!


So, okay, this is somewhere between art related and movie joke, because I am nothing if not high-brow.  Speaking of movies I’ve never actually bothered to see all the way through, this one.  I think I did watch most of it once in college because my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad roommate had it on, but I’ve blocked it out.  I do recall it being remarkably boring for a film about sinking ships and sex.  In fact, when my awesome freshman year roommate was dragged to see it by her boyfriend, her review was that, “The part where they died was pretty good.”  I thought at the time that she was joking, but, no.  My super-vague hardly-any-recollection synopsis is basically, ‘Sparkly dresses.  Sleepy now.  Is this still on?  When do they sink?  OH MY GOD, THAT’S EXCITING! Is it over yet?  Dude, she let him go pretty fast.’  This is not entirely unrelated to my ‘Casino Royale’ synopsis – ‘Shooting and parkour, now they’re gambling, still gambling, even more gambling, OOH NAKED!, when will this be over, is it over yet?, wasn’t that part the end?  that was funny.  when will this eeeeend.’  Again, I’m reliably informed that there was torture happening during the nudity, but I think I was distracted.  By nudity.  In fact, I would have happily watched four hours of naked Daniel Craig reading the phone book in lieu of however-long-it-actually-was, but I may have been in the wrong frame of mind for that particular film on that particular day.  Like I said, high-brow.

PS- I have not failed to notice that my rambling has taken hard left turns two days in a row, into Narnia and James Bond land (ooh, crossover!).  Expect a chart of some sort on Saturday of which imaginary relatives I would be willing to betray for specific candies.


One comment on “I’m the king of the barn!

  1. Marty
    December 1, 2016

    Love the “Alexander” reference!

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