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And now I’m thinking about the Van Gogh-Doctor Who episode again, and now I has a sad.


Hopefully this comes across in the scan – I really did paint this quite thickly, wet on wet, with a mix of acrylics and gesso.  I want to do even more of these art term owls because they make me chortle, but none have popped into my head yet, although there are quite a few more art history references on their way.

By the way, this blog may be the only thing keeping me sane-ish most work days, so thanks for not telling me it sucks yet.  My work situation is infinitely better financially than it was this time last year, but I’ve traded a certain amount of fulfillment and not wanting to stab my bosses for that security, and some days this couple of  minutes of thinking up crap to say about cartoons gets me down off the quittin’ ledge.  Well, that and money.  And the workout room; that’s pretty sweet.  I’m actually looking forward to the summer layoff and doing something different for a little bit – hopefully!  Anyone want to find me a better steady theatre job, though?  I know, that’s like asking for the holy grail.  Or whatever the non-Christian version of the holy grail is.  Not Turkish Delight, that stuff’s a letdown.  There is no way I’d betray my family for any candy that doesn’t involve chocolate, I don’t care how sugar-starved you are from rationing, Edmund.  You are a stupid child and you deserve to have the White Witch turn you into a statue because of your poor taste in candy.

3 comments on “And now I’m thinking about the Van Gogh-Doctor Who episode again, and now I has a sad.

  1. ccoshow
    April 3, 2013

    Agreed. How sad was Edmund’s life, that he’d betray his whole family, and the world, for Turkish Delight? 😉

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