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Saturday: Narnia, The Enchartening

If you didn’t see the post that led to this, it’s here:

Also, that implies you’re not following me, and clearly that is a sad and terrible decision on your part.  Obviously you’re an awful person who gives polydactyl kittens heroin (thanks, Bloggess) and loves Turkish delight.  Or you’re a totally great person who doesn’t want daily crap from me cluttering up your inbox.  I’m going to say it’s about 50/50.  Or you’re stupid, stupid Edmund. (C.S. Lewis’ Edmund – I’m not making value judgements about anyone else named Edmund, although I might judge your parents a little.  Then again, my father wanted to name my brother Boris, so who am I to talk?)

So here you go – my personal ratings of which candies I would exchange the safety of which Pevensie children for.  Honestly, I’m still not totally sure I shouldn’t have swapped Peter and Susan.  I like/am irritated by them about equally, so I decided to put hos before bros, as the saying goes.  And yes, I am implying that Susan is kind of a whore.  In fact, that’s what put her over the edge into the better candy bracket.


Feel free to disagree/make your own candy choices/tell me I’m an idiot in the comments.  Or just complain that now I’ve made you want macarons.


One comment on “Saturday: Narnia, The Enchartening

  1. ccoshow
    April 8, 2013

    Oh my God, I love this…

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