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Saturday! Also, free comic book day!

I was going to post pictures of my newly finished TARDIS locket today, but it’s too dimensional to scan well, and my camera’s out of batteries, and I’ve already had kind of a full day, so meh.  Soon, I promise.  In the meantime, please enjoy these half-finished paper dolls.


This is the mostly finished bit.


. . . and then there’s this page.  I pencilled this suuuuper lightly, so I had to bump the darks a bunch to make it legible.  I’m also planning to paint her a Mucha-style backdrop, but I have many other projects to attend to first, so it might be a while.

Also, behold my pretties from free comic book day!


(click to embiggen)

I paid cashy money for the Spike comic and Mini-me Rogue, but she was half off, so really it’s like I made $10 (in special Nara logic).  I have no idea why I would identify with a character who has prematurely white hair and avoids physical contact.  (Hey, you!)

No idea at all.


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