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Going back to an old one today for a very sad occasion.

This was written a while ago, but I’m just now publishing it because I think we’re far enough from the event now that it’s ok for me to talk about it, and I really do need to say some things.


I am not so much in the mood for japes and badinage today, because last night my brother called to tell me the news about Kitty.  Kitty is a little orange tabby that my brother and his wife adopted quite a while ago.  He has/had feline leukemia as well as some sort of birth defect that inhibits his breathing and makes his internal organs all crazycakes (I am not a vet), and he wasn’t expected to live very long.

It’s been years, and he semi-miraculously recovered from the FLV and has had a pretty good life full of adoration and catering to from his two servants, but it looks like he won’t be with them much longer.  There’s an option to try a surgery that would be very expensive, have a 10% chance of not killing him, and, even if he came through, mean pain and trauma and torture and that just isn’t fair to him.

I joke a lot about how Neurotic Owl adopting a cat can’t end well because big cat, tiny owl, carnivore instincts, but this is how every one of us who adopts a cat knows that it will eventually end — with making a decision we don’t want to make.  In the end, the only last piece of love we can give them is to not make them suffer endlessly, and it’s not enough.

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Of course, since I wrote this, the end has come, as I think we knew it had to.  Kitty will be missed and remembered and loved.

2 comments on “Going back to an old one today for a very sad occasion.

  1. ccoshow
    November 13, 2013

    Sorry to hear this.

    • naralesser
      November 18, 2013

      Thank you. The good news is that he had a wonderful life and wonderful parents/servants/worshippers.

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