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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Temporary tattooed, that is.


Because I’m not against adding art permanently to your skin (unless you’re in theatre and that art is any version of comedy and tragedy masks, in which case, STOP IT.  You are not original), but I am against needles repeatedly jabbing ink under my skin.  Eurgh.  All the hairs on my arms literally just stood up to try and escape before something that horrifying could happen to them.

When someone invents tattoos that can be licked on by kittens, I would like a Serenity shield in the inside of my wrist, thanks.  And maybe a narwhal tramp stamp for LOLs.  No, not really.  Well, maybe.  Maybe YOLAMTANTWOYKD?  With some sort of tribal design?

God, I’m awful.

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