Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

From all my favorite fuzzies! (And one squishy.)

In which Neurotic Owl is too polite to take the last piece of pie:


I’m taking tomorrow off, so here’s a nice big one to tide you over.  Thanksgiving is a fairly problematic holiday in a few different ways, but tomorrow might be a good day to remember that we’re nearly all immigrants (especially if you go as far back as the Alaskan land bridge), and that just because we got here earlier, that doesn’t make us more legitimate.  I’m second generation American, mostly, but even if I could trace my family back to the Mayflower, that’s just not very long ago.  Don’t be a dick.  It’ll make your ridiculously lavish meal taste even better if you honour your ancestors who risked their lives coming here by respecting those who are still coming.

Also, eat some whipped cream directly out of the can.  It’s better that way.

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