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Don’t get me wrong, there were bright spots.


Like a three story used bookstore in Denton, that I actually managed to visit twice in two days.  By the way, Strand Bookstore in NY?  You’re great and all, but you lean heavily toward the fancy books and the pricey prices.  When I say used bookstore, I’m talking about shelves and shelves of paperbacks for 1/2 off the cover price, plus comics and graphic novels and art books.  I want to find a stack of Heinlein juveniles and a beautiful copy of Amphigorey.  Mostly, I will enjoy looking at splendid rare books, but I want racks and racks (and racks and racks and racks and racks) of beater books that I can READ.

Also, there was a great dinner with my oldest friend including hours upon hours of talking, which was amazing, but also shocking.  It’s weird knowing someone for 32 years and then realizing that you have more in common than you ever knew.  It’s upsetting finding out that you were completely blind to such a big part of one of your best friends’ lives, even if you were there at the time.

Also, I saw my brother and sister-in-law’s new house (adorable) and their slightly-less-new cats (ridiculously adorable).

Those were the good parts.  No point in rehashing the bad.

Oh, by the way, buy a calendar, you freeloader, you.  You can make it start with whatever months you want.  (Not Grarghtuary, that’s not a real month.)

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