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This Thanksgiving, may our reach exceed our grasp.

File May 12, 8 47 07 PM

File May 12, 8 47 30 PM

Especially if what we’re reaching for is a ceiling fan that could cut our paws and ears off, ARE YOU STUPID MOOCH.

Also, let’s keep the reason we’re about to eat obscene amounts of food and have a day or two off work in mind.  Thanksgiving was already going to feel weird, since we’re now living in a world of fear and rage and despair, and trying our best to keep battling the orange menace.  But Thanksgiving feels extra dirty knowing that our government is currently viciously attacking Native Americans trying to preserve their sacred land.  Just how far are we going to turn the clock back?  So today before the turkey or ham or tofurkey, try accomplishing a few of the items on this action list to help the Standing Rock defenders.


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