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More kitties for your eyeholes.


I’ve been light on the whimsy lately, but getting together with a couple of friends for the first time in AGES helped a lot.  The world is still dark and scary, but at least I’m not alone.

I was trying to decide on today’s action item, and there are just SO MANY things to do, and I’m overwhelmed, and I bet y’all are too.  So I think we should do what they tell you on planes — strap on our own oxygen masks first, to make sure we’ll be able to help anyone else who needs assistance.  Maybe let’s take tonight to talk to a friend, and watch an old sitcom, and crochet or bead or draw or whatever, and just generally recharge.  Tomorrow, back into the fray.

One comment on “More kitties for your eyeholes.

  1. marliesvonn
    November 29, 2016

    I like your blog. I like the concept of “today’s action item.” I like the concept of the singular “item.” Singular things relax me. I am now subscribed to your blog. I wandered over here from Jenny’s site. The end.

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