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Fluffy and Rex, I lurve you!


I forget if I only raved about it on Facebook or lso here, but awhile back I read yet another Tessa Dare romance novel, and the heroine was a wildlife illustrator trying to observe the mating behaviour of her pet lobsters, Rex and Fluffy, and that in a nutshell is why I love Tessa Dare books.

Today’s political thing is Jew specific, I’m afraid — please consider signing this open letter of support, fellow Yids?  Also, I’m getting a little overwhelmed.  Does anybody have a favourite cause or idea or action to take that they’d like to suggest?  Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook.  I’ll do a quick vetting and then pull from your suggestions for future posts.  Thanks!


2 comments on “Fluffy and Rex, I lurve you!

  1. mommatrek
    December 7, 2016

    Honest to God (or whatever), Donald Trump scares me. That man has no business being our president and I’m hopeful (it’s slim, but it could happen) that either the recount is successful in making sure he doesn’t step into office OR there will be enough members of the electoral college who will go rogue to make sure it won’t happen. I don’t know how likely EITHER of those scenarios are..but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  2. StarOfGrace
    December 14, 2016

    I, raised as a Christian, felt that I was not giving enough. Finally in a place where money isn’t my 1st concern is wonderful and I feel like giving back. Because of my work schedule I am often working during church service times. So, being a good girl, I was guilty for not giving my tithe. So I started to research many charities. OMG talk about scammers. And my work promoted one takes 18% off what you give before giving it to the charity of my choice. So after many hours I chose The Shriners and K9 For Warriors. I donate a small amount each month and feel better about helping my fellow man. This doesn’t include all the local donating I do too. Old clothes are the easiest way to give plus it cleans out our closets of things we don’t use/need.

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