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In which I am probably inappropriate in several ways.


If you could just paint tattoos on and they stayed, I would be all over that and also possibly make some regrettable choices.

Speaking of regrettable choices, it looks like there really is no way out of it.  Short of a handy lightning bolt (I will give up bacon, seriously!), we’re about to get saddled with shitface dicksore as our motherfucking president, and uuuuggggghhhhh.  I know I’ve already pimped the ACLU at least once here, but whatever, they are my sweet justice loving snookiebears and here comes another link. This is less a petition and more a letter of intent, and that works well with my current mood of LADYRAGE.

3 comments on “In which I am probably inappropriate in several ways.

  1. mommatrek
    December 23, 2016

    I was looking at tattoos last night…because I’m too scared to go get one in real life. I wish that painted tattoos that stayed were SERIOUSLY a thing.

  2. Marty
    December 25, 2016

    Just caught up after starting at the beginning of your blog. You are one extremely talented lady! 🙂

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