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Unless you were in a coma this weekend, you know that everything here in the States has gotten measurably shittier on several different fronts.  I’m scared and mad and jittery as fuck; in fact, I saw my doctor this morning to check up on how my thyroid medication is doing and sincerely couldn’t answer  when she asked if I was having any anxiety or trouble sleeping because HOW THE FUCK COULD I TELL?  My baseline is scared as shit, ask me again when the world sucks less.

Here’s the good news: we’re fighting back, and we have help.  The ACLU and a bitchload of volunteer lawyers have already mitigated some of the latest disaster, and I’m pretty sure the impeachment ammunition grows by the second.  Hopefully this terrible, shameful time in our country is going to be remembered as the start of the next great renaissance, when decent humans rose up against bigotry and crushed it into the dirt, and then fertilized our gardens with the salty tears of orange garbageface and Nazi man and evil lizard VP and all of their ilk.  (I know, salt’s not good for gardens, whatever.  Go with me here.)

Every pro bono lawyer and sign wielding protester and pizza ordering ally is a little spark of good in the world, and together we’re going to make a very bright light indeed.



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